Why Data Destruction: Security & Protection

Digitization has had a profound impact on businesses and organizations. Riding on the wave of data analytics and big data, companies have become ever more reliant on data. While this has yielded tremendous productivity, efficiency and returns, it has arrived with risks as well. Loss of confidential data or information can be exceptionally damaging to your organization. As such, there is a strong need for secured data destruction practices that ensure no vulnerabilities.

Introducing Secured Data Destruction

You might be tempted to just dispose of your old media drives away in the general waste or recycling. However, having a Secured Media Destruction plan is all about protecting your company. Proper media destruction is important because:

  • Confidential & Sensitive information is always under threat. Data breaches can happen at any time and can greatly affect your company’s reputation. Personal information can be used in fraudulent activities and it will affect your customer’s trust with your organization.
  • Digital information is one of the highest value assets a company can have and that is why it is the most commonly targeted data in any data breach. It is imperative that a company should adopt a proper secured media destruction plan.

With these reasons in mind, you should ensure that your organization’s data destruction is carried out to the highest standard.  We, at Tech Dynamic, will review the 3 main data destruction techniques employed to ensure that your data is fully sanitized.

Data Degaussing

Degaussing uses high powered magnets to destroy data stored in storage devices. This works by having the magnets disrupt the magnetic fields on the devices and destroying data on a media drive. With the magnetic storage system being damaged, the drive is thus permanently compromised and cannot be reused.

Tech Dynamic uses a state-of-the-art data degaussing machine, the Garner TS-1, for the degaussing process. The Garner TS-1 delivers an evenly distributed 20,000 gauss magnetic field that covers every part of the storage device. In turn, any highly sensitive and classified data is fully erased. With its capabilities, the Garner TS-1 meets the toughest standards for hard drive erasing within the industry.


Crushing is the most straight forward of the 3, involving the use of a steel punch which literally punches a hole in any media or data storage unit. In doing so, the damage dealt to the device prevents further data recovery.

Tech Dynamic uses a high speed and high powered crusher, the PD-5 Physical Hard Drive Destroyer. Applying a force of 10+ tons, the PD-5 does it all, bending, breaking and mangling the media drive. With the drive punctured, you can rest assured that any information cannot be retrieved anymore.


Similar to crushing, shredding physically cuts your media drive into tiny pieces. Our shredder will physically shred the media drives into pieces of 40mm and thus, rendering any confidential or sensitive information impossible to retrieve.

Do you need secured media destruction services? Tech Dynamic can help!

Tech Dynamic offers a variety of data destruction services. We ensure that all of your media drives will be properly handled and its data inside will be completely irretrievable. Our experienced engineers and specialists will be able to guide and decide for you the best course of action for any projects.

Our highly trained staffs can be at your location if you require the media destruction to be done onsite. We have the proper equipment to conduct secured media destruction around Singapore. We also can pick up your media drives to a secured facility for a proper disposal process. You will be provided with a certificate of destruction that states where and when your media drive was destroyed.

At Tech Dynamic, we are focused on providing professional electronic waste disposal and IT asset relocation services to suit your IT needs. Consult our experts today.

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